Cactus League


How does the Authority fund Cactus League?

The statute governing the Tourism and Sports Authority requires that the revenues received from tourism taxes be used to fund five separate accounts, each one to be fully funded in succession before the next.

3rd Priority = Cactus League General Fund

  1. Total of $205 million over 30 years
  2. First priority is $32.0 million subordinate bond debt service (final maturity in 2016)
  3. Second priority is the $3.2 million bond reserve fund (est. to be funded by June 2008)
  4. Third priority is funding renovation projects for cities of Scottsdale and Tempe on 50:50 basis from available funds

The Cactus League’s contribution to the state economy is estimated to be more than $450 million each year.  Prop. 302 was designed, in part, to protect the league.  

When AZSTA was created, the goals were to:
1.  Attract two new MLB teams to Arizona through the construction of a new facility spring training facility; and, 

2.  Retain all of the league's current teams through the timely renovation and upgrade of spring training stadium facilities and practice fields.

The Authority completed its first goal with the building of the Surprise Spring Training Complex which successfully lured the Texas Rangers and the Kansas City Royals to the league.

AZSTA has also funded renovations at three other existing stadiums.

AZSTA has funded:

$32 million to the Surprise Stadium;
$4.3 million to Phoenix Municipal Stadium;
$12 million to Tempe Diablo Stadium:
$20 million to Scottsdale Stadium.

Projects completed in 2008 – 2009 were two-team stadiums in Goodyear (Cleveland Indians and Cincinnati Reds) and in Glendale (Los Angeles Dodgers and Chicago White Sox.) Once these facilities are open and fully-functioning the Cactus League will have a total of fifteen teams (in Maricopa County).

AZSTA funds new and renovated spring training baseball facilities.

For a copy of the 2011 12-month Non-Spring Training Economic Impact Study by: Elliot D. Pollack - Download

For a copy of the 2012 Cactus League Economic Impact Study by: FMR Associates, Inc. - Download