Youth & Amateur Sports


4th Priority = Youth & Amateur Sports


AZSTA has awarded all of the available Quick Grant Funds for FY2019. You may reapply in July 2019 for a FY2020 Quick Grant.

How does the Authority fund youth and amateur sports?

The statute governing the Tourism and Sports Authority requires that the revenues received from tourism taxes be used to fund five separate accounts, each one to be fully funded in succession before the next.

Since 2000, The Arizona Sports and Tourism Authority has awarded over 300  Grants at an estimated $17.5 Million to organizations that promote youth and amateur sports and recreation within Maricopa County.

Youth & Amateur Sports Grants Goals and Objectives
To identify, solicit, develop and allocate funding for youth and amateur sports projects within Maricopa County which will service a wide variety of sporting and physical activity experiences.

To participate in and encourage partnerships which benefit youth and amateur sports and physical activity.

To ensure that funds provided by AZSTA are allocated in a responsible and effective manner and in compliance with the enabling legislation.


AZSTA has awarded the available Quick Grant funds for FY2019. You may apply for a FY2020 Grant in July 2019.

The Authority’s Quick Grant and Program Grant funding applications are accepted on a year-round basis. The Authority sets aside 5% of its annual YAS funding per A.R.S. for the Quick Grants Program.

Funds are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis providing that the program’s criteria are met. Once the funds have been dispersed, the link to the application below will no longer be available. 

Grants are based on a completed Application and project budget template and the stated need to serve youth and amateur sports. The sustainability of program, demonstration of financial need and the benefit to a local community will be factors considered in awarding Quick and Program Grants.

Quick and Program Grants are limited to a maximum of two thirds of the project - up to a total of $5,000 from AZSTA.

Applicants are limited to one Quick or Program Grant during any twelve-month period.

Factors considered in awarding Grants will include but are not limited to;
• Statement of need
• Demonstration of financial need
• Sustainability of program
• Benefit to a local school
• Benefit to the local community

Applicants must be a Maricopa County agency, municipality, school district or any other incorporated public entity, (including any combination of the forgoing); a 501(c)(3) or (c)(4) non-profit organization, which has been in operation for no less than one calendar year. Proposed projects must be within Maricopa County.
To receive updates regarding the grant programs, please email